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Sunday, September 26, 2010


Everything is going famously here in KStan! I love my host family and continue to experience days in what we call the "honeymoon" phase. There have been some casualties in my travels: I lost my watch that Elizabeth gave me on the first day and yesterday my wallet was stolen by small children. Ego took a big hit there. But life goes on and I am lucky enough to have a supportive family that will mostly clean up that mess for me!! Thanks mom and Kait!

Other than that, I am teaching 3-5 classes a week and running an English club with one other American. Teaching comes easily to me and I really enjoy it, though lesson planning is not so fun. Learning Kazakh is also going better and I am getting more comfortable speaking with people.

I want to hear what is going on there. I find myself thinking often of the Center, the Partnership, the gang (Phil, Ben, Holly, Kyle, and others-that's you), and the family!

More later,

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  1. We miss you too Jennie! It is so great to hear about all of your wonderful experiences! As a side note, Philipp and I did the Jack Quinn's run about a month ago and we saw a girl who looked a lot like you! But when we realized that it wasn't you we were both a little sad :( We sure do miss you though! You would be very entertained by our apartment since Kyle writes entertaining poetry and funny drawings (most of these are aimed at offending Philipp by the way) while Philipp just shakes his head and tells Kyle "off!" We will have to share teaching stories though! I will make sure to stay updated on your blog and just know that the A-Team will always be here waiting for ya ;) Let me know if you want to hear more entertaining stories in return for your wonderful blog posts!