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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sorry I haven't updated my status! I have been so busy and having so much fun that I neglected to write anything on this blog. Here are some higlights and one favor to ask!!!

My host family is AWESOME! I have a mom, a dad, a 21 year old sister and a 25 year old brother in the house and then a brother in the city (Almaty). The daughter speaks perfect English and my mom is an English teacher at the school I am working in! It is awesome because I get to ask a million questions and understand things well. It is a little hard to speak Kazakh because English is so easy, but since I can't speak Kazakh anyway, it isn't a problem. I talk with a lot of people, especially kids on the street, like in India, but can't get much farther than basic introductions which is frustrating. I am working on it though...and I think they like me because I just smile at them a lot...?!
We start teaching one class next week. So far we have been learning how to teach and how to speak. Language lessons have been a struggle, but we are working to improve. I am studying out of class and trying to read a childrens book, so hopefully that will help! The kids love us and mock us a lot too. We played volleyball with them for an hour and a half today and help them with English as they help us with Kazakh. It was great!

Now for the favor...Part of our training is conducting English Clubs. We are in a group of 3 volunteers and have about 20 kids at our club which is held twice a week for one hour. So far we have taught them the hokie pokie, head shoulders knees and toes, how to make paper airplanes, and how to make friendship bracelets. These are going really well and I am having a ton of fun with the kids!!! We could use some help with ideas though, so if you have any activities, please let me know! We will add in the English vocab, etc...any ideas will help! If you have any- email me at

Sending lots of love,

PS: My address is: (Don't send anything after Sept. address will change)
Peace Corps
P.O. Box 257
Almaty 050022
Attn: Jennie Vader

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